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Technology is integrated into all classes at Lake Anne Elementary - not just general education classrooms, but specials like music, physical education, and art as well. All general-education classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and the teachers use them every day. In addition, we offer two fully-equipped Computer Labs, which all classes use on a regular basis during the school week. Students in grads K-3 have a Technology special class during their weekly schedule as well.

Students are allowed to bring their own personal electronic devices for use in the classroom for independent reading or research when directed by the teacher. 

We've made great strides in incorporating technology into our classrooms. We believe that if our children are to excel in a fast-changing, global society, we must provide them with the technology resources they need to succeed in a digital age. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to School

  • Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade are allowed to bring a personally owned computing device to school to support their learning.
  • The use of student-owned devices is restricted to instructional activities under the direct supervision of a staff member. 
  • Students using privately owned electronic devices must follow the policy stated in Student Rights and Responsibilities while on school property, attending school-sponsored activities, or using the FCPS network.
  • Approved personally owned electronic and computing devices for use at Lake Anne include laptops, netbooks, tablets (such as iPad, Galaxy, Xoom), and eReaders (Kindle, Nook). Cell phones are not included. Students are allowed to carry cell phones to school, but they must be off and out of sight between the school hours of arrival and dismissal and on buses. Only the principal or the principal's designee can give a student permission to use a cell phone during the school day.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools and Lake Anne ES are not responsible for any device, data loss, theft, damage or other associated costs of replacement or repair incurred during the school day as a result of participation in this program. Fairfax County Public Schools is also not responsible for the maintenance or configuration of personally owned electronic and computing devices. Maintenance and charging are the responsibility of the student. Devices may not be charged or serviced during the school day.