Parent Handbook

2018-2019 School Year

The information on this page will provide you with information about our school.  Please keep it for later reference.  Your child’s teacher is your first source of information regarding your child’s academic achievement and social adjustment.  The office staff is also available to answer many of your questions or concerns.  Please contact your child’s teacher or the main office regarding any questions or concerns.  We are glad to have you as part of our Lake Anne Family!


Please call the attendance phone number or email the attendance email if your child will be absent or tardy. Students who arrive after 8:50 a.m. will be considered tardy and will need a parent or guardian to sign them in.  To help students maximize their instructional day, please schedule doctor appointments and family vacations around school breaks as much as possible.  While it is extremely important for children to attend school regularly, your child should be kept at home when ill. 


Our front doors open for students every day at 8:30 a.m.  Students should not arrive earlier than 8:30 a.m., as there is no supervision for them.  If a child is detained after dismissal time for any reason, a school official will notify his/her parent or guardian.  Students are expected to go directly home after dismissal, unless he/she is enrolled in SACC, a specific club meeting or PTA-sponsored activity.  When a student plans to go home with another student, the office must have notes from the parents of BOTH students.  This applies to car riders, walkers, and bus riders.                                                            


Birthday parties are not permitted at school. If you are planning a party for your child away from school, please do not send party invitations to school unless you are inviting the entire class so that no child’s feelings are hurt. Due to food allergies, we request that you NOT bring or send in birthday treats. In addition, please DO NOT SEND flowers, balloons, or other gifts to school.  Wait until your child is home to present them with special gifts.  You might consider contacting your child’s teacher to find another way to recognize your child’s birthday at school, such as donating a book or other supply to the classroom in your child’s name.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Parents of bus riders have been provided with a list bus stops, and children should use the bus stop nearest their home.  Please remember that traffic may cause your bus to be a few minutes earlier or later than the schedule.  Students riding the bus are expected to follow the rules and procedures as stated in the Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook and comply with directions given by the bus driver and safety patrol(s). 


A breakfast/lunch menu is given to each family monthly and is available on the school website.  All families registered with Fairfax County Public Schools should have received an application for free and reduced lunch in the mail.  If your family qualifies for this benefit, you must return the application to the Office of Food Services.  DO NOT RETURN TO THE SCHOOL.  This application must be filled out every year. The prices, effective July 2015 are:

·         Breakfast         $1.75 (Reduced no charge)       

·         Lunch              $3.25

·         Milk                 $0.60

·         Soy Milk          $0.75

Parents may prepay for school meals by month, week, or day.  Once a lunch account is established, students use a Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Parents may specify how the lunch money can be used by their children – lunch and breakfast only, or lunch/a la carte snacks.  Meal payments can be made online at, or payment may be made by cash or check in the cafeteria in the mornings before school.  Please make checks payable to “Lake Anne Food Services.”  We encourage all parents to establish prepaid lunch accounts as it is convenient for the parent and easier for the child.  We are unable to lend money for lunches if a student forgets his/her lunch or loses his/her lunch money.  To promote good nutrition, please do not send candy or soda in your child’s lunch, nor bring in fast food for lunch. 


The FCPS school calendar is available online at  Please take care to note days when school is released early or closed for teacher professional development.


Important papers are sent home weekly in a “Tuesday Folder,” which will contain information from the school, PTA, and your child’s teacher. The principal communicates weekly via a News You Choose email, along with Keep in Touch email messages.  You can adjust your News You Choose subscriptions through the main webpage.  The PTA also sends a weekly email. 

SIS Parent Account –Parents can create an account to be able to view their student’s information, as well as updating their emergency care information. Please see the office for a validation number to access your parent account if you need to set up an account.

Lake Anne Elementary School’s website is another secure source of information and can be found at  The information included on this folder is also available on our school’s website under the “Parent Handbook” link.


In order to guarantee all students in our school the excellent educational climate they deserve, no student will be allowed to prevent a teacher from teaching or a classmate from learning.  No student will be allowed to engage in any behavior that is not in his/her best interest or in the best interest of others.  Certain inappropriate behaviors will require immediate action by the administration.  Parents will be notified if consequences need to occur (see Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook).  We are a Responsive Classroom school and we emphasize an environment that builds social and academic skills. 


All students are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. Any clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is unacceptable. Clothing with language or images that are vulgar, discriminatory, or obscene; or clothing that promotes illegal or violent conduct, such as gang symbols, the unlawful use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia; or clothing that contains threats is prohibited. Clothing should fit, be neat and clean, and conform to standards of safety, good taste, and decency. Clothing that exposes private areas or an excessive amount of bare skin is prohibited.  Students not complying with this code will be asked to cover the non-complying clothing, change clothes, or go home.  Repeated infractions will result in disciplinary action.  Additional information on the FCPS Dress Code can be found in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Students should wear footwear that enables them to fully participate in recess and PE classes.


If you need to pick up your child for any reason prior to the regularly scheduled dismissal time, you must come to the office first and call for your student before 3:00 pm.  We do not release students after this time. For early release of a child, come into the front office, notify an office staff member that you need to pick up your child, and the office will call down to the classroom to have your child brought to the office.  Please be prepared to show identification, and sign your student out using the Sign-in/Sign-out computer located in the office.  Children will not be called to the office before the adult arrives.


This form is used to help us locate you in case of your child’s illness or in an emergency.  It is very important that we are able to locate you at any time.  Please list phone numbers of neighbors, family, or friends who will know where you are for emergency calls and who may be able to pick up your child when he/she feels ill and you are not available.  In special cases, you may wish to call and give the school secretary (or health room) information about where you may be reached for the day.  Any changes in telephone numbers (home and work) should be given to the school immediately.  Please list any special arrangements you may have made for another person to pick up your child regularly.


Field trips are scheduled throughout the year to provide our students with learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom.  Please return Field Trip Permission forms as soon as possible to the teacher.  Your child must have a signed permission slip in order to go on the trip.  If there is a fee, you can write a check payable to “Lake Anne Elementary School,” send cash in an envelope marked with the child’s name, teacher’s name, and field trip destination, or pay online through  In case of closings or delayed openings, field trips are automatically cancelled.


In the event of a school closing due to inclement weather you can find updates on the FCPS website,, or on the local news stations.  Parents will also receive an email directly from FCPS informing you of the delay or closing.  If schools are open two hours late, school starts at 10:50 a.m.  If schools close two hours early, students will be dismissed at 1:35 p.m.


Students should not be at school when they are sick.  If children have a fever over 100 degrees, they should stay home and need to be fever-free for 24 hours before they can return to school.  Students must also be “episode-free” from vomiting and/or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.

Students are not permitted to carry any medication. A parent/guardian must bring medications to school.  The school is not permitted to administer any medications unless parents have filled out permission forms.  Proper permission forms are available in the school health room and also available online at Any questions about the medication policy should be directed to the school’s Health Room Aide, or the Public Health Nurse. 


If students are transported by car to school, complete the Kiss & Ride contract and you will receive a carpool sign to display in your car window to facilitate faster loading. Use the car riders’ parking lot entrance only and follow the direction of staff members and student safety patrols on duty every morning and afternoon. AT NO TIME should you load or unload directly in front of the building or in front of the school on North Shore Drive. Please refrain from using your cell phone while in the carpool line.


It is very important that the school have a copy of any legal document that assigns custody of a child to one parentWithout proof of custody, the school cannot refuse to allow a child to leave school with his/her parent regardless of legal arrangements.

Parents are required to write information on the Emergency Care Card designating another person who has permission to take the child from school routinely OR who should be called if the child becomes ill while the parents are not available.  If anyone other than the parent/guardian or designated person must pick up a child, the office must be notified in writing by the parent/guardian prior to the release of the child.  Anyone picking up a child from school may be asked for personal identification to ensure the child’s safety.  Reminder: please notify the school when any phone numbers change.


Our library has an excellent selection of books from which your child may choose.  Students have scheduled library visits weekly but can also check out books at other times.  A child is permitted to take any library book he/she chooses even though it may be above or below his/her reading level.  An effort will be made to help each child select library books which he/she can read.  Please help your child remember to return the books to the library. 


Please inform the school in advance if you plan on moving.  Even if you will still be in the Lake Anne Elementary School attendance area, we must have correct addresses and phone numbers in case of emergencies.


All students’ articles (lunch boxes, sweaters, jackets) should be clearly labeled with their name.  These items are frequently misplaced and can easily be returned to your child, if they are marked with his/her name.  Any articles found in and around the school will be placed in the lost and found area by the cafeteria.  Please check the Lost & Found area regularly, as items will be donated to charity prior to Winter and Summer breaks. 

Cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks during the school day.  See the Student Rights and Responsibilities for more information regarding Bring Your Own Device.  At Lake Anne, cell phones are not permitted as part of the BYOD program.  Technology will be provided for students to complete all required academic assignments in school.  Electronic handheld devices, MP3 players, iPods, toys, and other non-school items are not allowed at school. These items will be confiscated and kept in the office until parents can retrieve them. 


To prevent classroom interruptions, all messages or necessary school materials should be left in the office and kept to a minimum.  These items will be delivered to your child’s teacher at an appropriate time.  Please help your child develop a routine of putting items which must be brought to school in a designated place to ensure that books, homework, lunches, and musical instruments arrive at school with them each day. 


The PTA actively supports our school through a variety of activities and events.  Parents are encouraged to attend PTA meetings, participate in activities, and become part of our energetic and supportive PTA.  People interested in volunteering are requested to contact the school or the PTA President at @emailVisit our PTA website.


Parents receive progress reports after each nine-week quarter.  Teachers will establish other ways of keeping parents informed about their children’s performance on a regular basis, and will send home interim reports when necessary.  Teachers will also send monthly newsletters with information about the academic material students are learning.  Parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled between mid-October to mid-November, at which time information about your student’s academic and social progress will be explained in detail.


Lake Anne is a school focused on fostering a positive community in the classroom and throughout the building. Responsive Classroom is an approach focused on building community in each classroom, fostering student engagement and leadership in learning, and encouraging intrinsic motivation, reflection, and ownership of their actions. Responsive Classroom will be fully integrated into the school, and requires regular routine and minimal interruptions to maintain instructional integrity keep students focused and engaged in learning. To help protect the instructional integrity of each class, all messages or school materials should be directed toward the office and kept to a minimum.


Principals and teachers are responsible for the safety of students enrolled in their schools during the time they are on school premises.  Children on the playgrounds will be supervised during the day.  Special attention will be given to the prevention of accidents and to the development of habits of good citizenship.  Principals are authorized to make and enforce such rules of conduct as may be necessary to enhance the safety of students while en route to and from school.  School patrols are organized to assist students and to promote safety on and around school grounds and while being transported to and from school.  Safety drills, including fire drills, tornado drills, and lockdown drills, will be held in accordance with requirements established by Virginia law and FCPS procedures. Parents are requested to discuss safety procedures with children and to apply disciplinary measures when reports are received concerning student disregard for safety rules.


Each student is responsible for taking care of his/her own money. Money should be in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, room number, and purpose.  Please consider using as an alternative to having students carry money, and avoid problems of loss. 


To achieve the goal of providing education of the highest quality, the Fairfax County School Board has defined the responsibilities and rights of students in elementary schools.  When the Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet comes home, please review the information with your child.  It needs to be signed and returned to school.  This is kept in the office and is used in all FCPS schools to ensure due process.  Please see the Student Rights and Responsibilities for questions regarding discipline, dress code and grooming safety, personal items, Bring Your Own Device policies, and any medications that your student requires.


Children will not make phone calls during the school day except in cases of emergency.  In case of student illness, a staff member will contact you. 


Lake Anne is a closed campus.  As such, all visitors to the school, including parents, must report to the main office and sign in and out using the Visitor Computer, which requires a photo identification card (driver’s license).  Visitors must wear visitor badges (provided in the office) while in the building.  Animals are not permitted on school grounds or in classrooms.

The FCPS Parent Resource Center offers a welcoming and engaging environment for parents, educators and community members to access information and resources to support the success of all students, including those with learning challenges, special needs and disabilities. Free workshops, confidential consultations and over 6,000 lending library materials available at the Parent Resource Center help ensure that all students are inspired, engaged and thriving. 

FCPS language lines are available in eight different languages to assist parents who do not speak English as their first language. A school system employee will respond to your call in your preferred language within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. The caller will provide you with the requested information, arrange for you to speak with the appropriate school employee, or connect you with the resource that you are looking to find.