Title I Parent & Family Engagement Policy & Compact

Purpose of this Policy and Compact

Efforts will be made to clearly articulate the school’s intentions to engage with and involve parents/caregivers in the educational process.

Lake Anne Elementary is a Title I school within Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) and utilizes the Title I grant to improve student achievement and help all students meet the objectives of the FCPS Program of Studies and the Virginia Standards of Learning. A partnership with families is essential to meeting this goal.

Under Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, schools that receive Title I funds are expected to collaborate with families to develop and maintain a parent and family engagement policy that describes the school’s approach to involve families in students’ learning and includes a compact expressing the partnerships among staff, caregivers, and students to reach high academic goals for every student.

Lake Anne Elementary jointly developed this policy and compact with members of the school community and adopted it for the 2018-2019 school year. Several of the provisions specifically address state or federal expectations for the policy and compact.

This policy and compact is distributed to all caregivers in a language that families can understand. Caregivers have opportunities to provide comments and feedback on the policy and compact through email and comment box. Comments are submitted with the school’s policy and compact to FCPS central offices and the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). This policy and compact are made available to the broader school community through the school website.

Important Dates       

Parent-Teacher Conferences                                                 

  • November 5th
  • additional dates, as needed October 16th – December 20th

Progress Report Distribution

  • November 2019
  • February 2020
  • April 2020
  • June 2020

School Events

  • Walk and Roll – 1st Friday of every month
  • Ice Cream Social – September 6th
  • Back to School Night and Annual Meeting - 9/5/19
  • Kindness Week - March 2020
  • South Lakes High School Homecoming Parade – October 2019
  • Fall Book Fair - November 2019
  • Science Night – November 2019
  • Partners in Print - October, January, April
  • BINGO Night - January 2020
  • Dia de los Ninos Dia de los Libros - February 2020
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon - November 2019
  • Spanish Immersion Program Food Drive
  • Winter Strings, Band, Chorus Concert - January 2020
  • Read Across America - February 2020
  • SWYK – February 2020
  • Stress Less, Laugh More Week - April 2020
  • Career Day - October 2019
  • Dolphin Dash - May 2020
  • Annual Title I Meeting - May 2019
  • Art Showcase and Spring Strings, Band, Chorus Concert - June 2020
  • Lake Anne Dads (LADS) Day - June 2020
  • Lake Anne 25th Anniversary of Spanish Immersion Program Celebration – March 2020

Compact Provisions

School staff, parents/caregivers, and students must work together to ensure a student success.

The staff will:

Provide a high-quality curriculum and instruction that enables students to meet challenging academic standard through the following actions:

    • Teach all students according to the state’s challenging standards, using approved curriculum resources.
    • Provide ongoing professional development and support to all teachers to ensure effective instructional practices are used in all classrooms.
    • Be aware of individual needs of each child.
    • Treat each child with dignity and respect.
    • Do whatever it takes to support student achievement.

Provide a supportive and effective learning environment for students through the following actions:

    • Provide clear expectations for student behavior and academic learning.
    • Offer a variety of resources to help students with their learning.
    • Create a safe, nurturing, and positive learning environment through the schoolwide Responsive Classroom practices.

Provide assistance to caregivers in understanding the school’s program through the following actions:

    • Hold an annual meeting to present information on the school’s Title I programs, state and division curriculum and assessments, and the school’s state and federal accountability status.
    • Provide multiple opportunities for caregivers to ask questions and give input into the Title I programs.
    • Create a Title I frequently asked questions document for families.

Build caregivers’ involvement in the school’s Title I program through the following actions:

    • Include caregivers as collaborators in developing the Title I Engagement Policy and Compact and plans for the use of Title I family engagement funds.

The parents/caregivers will:

Demonstrate understanding that participation in my child’s education will help his or her achievement through the following actions:

    • Participate in decisions related to school programs and my child’s education and share my questions or comments about the programs in my child’s school.
    • Volunteer in my child’s classroom or in school activities, as my schedule allows.
    • Encourage and support my child’s learning at home and at school. 
    • Send my child to school on time, well rested, and prepared for learning.

The student will:

Share the responsibility to improve my academic learning to achieve the state’s challenging standards through the following actions:

    • Get enough sleep every night.
    • Come to school on time unless I am sick.
    • Try my hardest and work with my classmates to complete learning tasks.
    • Give my parents all notes and papers from my teacher.
    • Read every day.
    • Do my homework.